Price List

Full Groom
All full grooms include nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning, bathing, blow-drying, de-matting, and de-shedding or full styling with clippers and/or scissors to your requirements.

The exact price of a full groom is considered on a dog-by-dog basis, depending on their size, coat type, coat condition (matting) and the length of appointment needed.

The following prices can be used as a guide:
From £20- Smooth Coated Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Italian Greyhound, French Bulldog, Manchester Terrier, Smooth Coated Jack Russell, Whippet, Smooth Coated Dachshund or similar.

From £25- Long Coated Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pug, Wire/Long Haired Dachshund, Doberman, Border Collie, Boxer, Lurcher, Flat Coated Retriever, Greyhound, Staffie or similar.

From £30- Poodle cross, Yorkie, Westie, Maltese, Lasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Cairn Terrier, Norwich/Norfolk terrier, Coton de Tulier, Spaniel, Labrador, Miniature Schnauzer, Welsh Terrier, Miniature/Toy Poodle, Irish Terrier, Bedlington Terrier or similar.

From £40- Giant Schnauzer, Old English Sheepdog, Airedale, German Shepard, Afgan Hound, Borzoi, Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retriever or similar. 

Please note I am unfortunately no longer taking on extra large breeds such as Newfoundlands, Caucasian Shepard Dogs, Long Haired German Shepards, Leonbergers and Pyrenees Mountain Dogs.

Bath and Blow Dry
Small to medium dogs - from £15
Large to giant dogs - from £25

Nail Clipping - £5
Ear and Eye Cleaning - £5

Puppy Package
A puppy can visit the studio for a look around for free, their first visit including a bath, brush, blow dry and trim is £15

Hand Stripping
Hand stripping is charged from an extra £15 on top of the full groom price

Partially Matted - £10
Extensively Matted - £15
The Smart Dog Studio has a de-matting policy, depending on the level of matting your dog has, this is because de-matting is a very labour intensive process